Saturday, June 27, 2009

This may seem trivial

Probably not high on your list of things to do, but I'm looking for some opinions. I promised someone I would post some options, so now, I thought everyone could get in on the act. Which toenail polish should I choose this time around?

Starting from the left is my perennial favorite. Revlon's Cherry Crush. When this bottle runs out you better believe I'll be ordering more!

Next is Rimmel's Russet Flame. It's new, and I think it's got more of a rust coloring where the Cherry Crush is more, well, cherry red.

In the middle is Maybelline's Fuchsia Fire. It's glittery, and kind of a light pink. The link isn't the exact color, but it's the best I could do.

Next to it is another Maybelline, this time it's Blazing Berry. It's also glittery and darker than the Fuchsia Flame. It's what I have on my toes right now. It's gotten good reviews.

And last is Pure Ice Rumors. Sort of a mauve color. Take a look. See what you think.

Monday, June 15, 2009

When It Don't Come Easy

I wonder if I'll ever get home.

When It Don't Come Easy
by Patty Griffin

Lyrics are here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have no idea

I don't know why this popped into my head tonight, but it's always been good for a laugh in my book. And goodness knows we can all use a laugh right now. Enjoy!

Click here for the lyrics.