Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Had an interesting experience with a medium yesterday. I'll write all about it when I can. It was a pretty highly charged experience. Most of you have heard the story, but if you haven't, call me. I'll tell you all about it.

Not a very good day today. But I got the thank yous written. Can I just collapse now?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

He always said he'd haunt me

And this is the song I found on my brand new, never used, shrink-wrapped jump drive yesterday morning.

Moving forward

I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers. You don't know what that means.

My husband was always very cautious about us saying anything on here that would identify us, and by doing that, put us in harm's way. His biggest concern was taking care of us. With that in mind, I have chosen to post a link to his obituary.

Ron and I had our problems, as all couples do, but most of all, I know he loved me. He still loves me.

Over the next few weeks, so many of you will say, "But she's so young, and they only had three and a half years together." I want you to know that those three and a half years were the best ride of my life. Over the next few months, I want to share with you my best memories of Ron. And as I share these things, it's important to me that you know Ron truly loved life and loved with a generous heart. That's why he died. He used his heart so much that he just wore it out.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The worst ever

For anyone who reads that I haven't yet contacted, my hubby died last night. He had gastric bypass surgery Monday, and had another surgery last night to assess some complications. During the procedure, his heart stopped. The doctors worked for half an hour to try to revive him. Any thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When crochet goes wrong

I've been crocheting for so long that I've often found myself championing the cause. Crochet is thought of as something old ladies do. Sure, they do, but so do young, hip chicks like myself. OK, go ahead and laugh. But there are a lot of cool projects out there. This is not one of them! Seriously. All I'd need would be a fe-mullet and I'd be set to wear these. Please. If I ever make something like this, remove the hook from my hand!

Project I want to try

I've always wanted to crochet myself a sweater. This one looks like a likely pattern. I would change it a bit though so that the neck wasn't a stovepipe. I think 10 balls of the zinnia would do it. Hmm. Maybe I'll give it a shot.


OK, I'm going to say this and then I'm going to post about something more positive. I'm not sure what that is yet, but I'll figure it out.

Hubby is in the hospital...still.

After surgery last night the difficult recovery process began. First he thought he was having another heart attack. Blood enzymes and the EKG came back normal.

I talked to him at 7 this morning. He hadn't slept, his reflux was problematic, he was in a lot of pain, and in the night, one of his incisions had come open causing him to bleed a lot. Not a great first night.

By the end of the day he was not doing better and his abdomen was firm. It's not supposed to be.

Either tonight or tomorrow he's having another surgery to relieve the pressure. That's what I know. Not much, but enough to make me worry. If you're the praying type, say one for us, please.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tomorrow is it

Hubby's heading in for surgery tomorrow morning. Wish us well. Too tired right now to write about anything more. Sorry for the lazy posting lately. Feeling run down. I think it's more complications from the accident. I'm OK though.

Monday, September 15, 2008

B flat or A+?

Today was your pretty normal day. In other words, it was B flat. (Hey, Carrie, does that qualify as a nerdy musician term?) However, nothing horrible happened, I finished a manual, and I went to Bible study with my friend Amy. So, these things seem to add up to a pretty great day. A+? I'll take it, whatever letter you want to give it.

Plenty of reading to do and cleaning to take care of. But hey, life is good. Hope you're all doing as well as we are. Can't wait to hear from you. Steph, I'm dying to hear from you. I'll get that email out soon. I promise!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

I went to church again with my friend Amy. First of all, she's the most wonderful person. Second of all, she's really bringing something new into my life by sharing her faith with me. I honestly do feel better throughout the week when I go to church on Sunday.

Munchkin girl has been getting over a cold this week. She's been pretty cranky, so that's been rough.

Hubby's preparing for his surgery on the 22nd. Any prayers you can send our way would be appreciated.

I think that's about it for us. Maybe there will be more later. You just never know with me.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Famous last words

Yesterday I read this post on my friend Carrie's blog. And I remember thinking, "I am so glad we're past needing to take a change of clothing everywhere." What's that they say about pride going before a fall?

Mom, Dad, munchkin, and I went to Perkins tonight to enjoy a late dinner. I could tell something was trying to happen in the munchkin's diaper, but every time I checked, nothing had materialized. However, near the end of our meal, it did. On the way to the bathroom my dad noticed that munchkin was going to need a clean pair of pants. Of course, I didn't have any. So, to skip all the messiness (literally and figuratively), she came home wearing a shirt, a diaper, and her shoes.

Welcome to my nightmare. Jump in. The water is warm.

Kind of makes me want to use a brillo pad on my hands!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For Steph

I promise, promise, promise that I will email you a chatty email about all that is going on. Yes, I have your hotmail address. Either that or I will write a long post to catch everyone up. But seriously, if I don't make some major progress on the Vonnegut for book club, I'm going into a downward shame spiral. It's bad. Very bad. 80 some pages out of over 300. Not so good. So, give me until a week from tomorrow and I promise to be better. Right now things are just crazy busy.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What I'd like to tell you

I'd like to tell you that I have time to blog about all that's been going on in the last week. I don't think I really do, but I'll hit the highlights...

Hubby put up my Williams Sonoma shelves. These were a belated birthday present. They're going to house cookbooks and small appliances that don't get used every day. More pictures when I can get to it. Sorry!

Thinking of starting Pilates. It should be really good for me after the accident. Even got the approval of my chiropractor.

Trying to get really into my book for book club. Not making a lot of progress there. This WILL NOT be the only book I haven't read in the year since I started this thing.

Stitch and bitch tomorrow night. Plus I have to go to a viewing for my daycare provider's father-in-law. It's the right thing to do. Going to be a busy night.

Work continues to keep me busy. I still love it. I'm still crazy. :)

Spent Sunday with my best friend Amy. Went to church with her. Wonderful experience. I'll be going back.

That's the 30 second wrap up. Gotta run!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I made the mistake of looking at yarn today. I've been lusting after some Noro for quite some time after I saw it worked up on someone's blog. Did some checking around, and settled on this. Look in the bottom right corner at the 292 Purples/Magenta/Grey/Blues. I think a couple of balls would do me to play around a make a scarf like the one shown in that blog. I know. The price is crazy. But I'm really dying to try it. Is there a magic yarn fairy out there that would like to send it to me anonymously so I wouldn't have to feel guilty?

Chocolate + Potato Chips = YUM

I've had chocolate covered potato chips before. They're delicious. Tell me that this combo isn't at least intriguing! Saw these on an episode of Unwrapped and was reminded what pure deliciousness tastes like! Try some for yourself. You won't be sorry!


I spent the morning out on our newly renovated deck. We painted/stained it white and had indoor/outdoor carpeting installed. (Pictures to follow when I get the energy.) So this morning I took a cup of Yogi tea, my MP3 player, and my crocheting and sat out there.

There was a pretty stiff wind (25-35 mph), but it was still so nice. I've been working on my blue "green" scarf. I named it that because it's reusing some yarn from a sweater that I took apart. Therefore, it's "green" in the sense that I didn't purchase anything new made by a factory. This scarf is done with a very fine yarn and a very small hook (Size E) so it's going to take a while. But it's going to be pretty cool.

The hubby gave me a compliment yesterday on the yarn "feeder" I was using. I read about it on a crochet forum, so I can't take credit for the idea. Do you recognize the container? It's a bleach wipes container. Putting the ball of yarn in allows it to feed through the top very conveniently. Works like a charm!