Friday, February 19, 2010

Things that make me laugh, smile, be grateful

  • Mom was getting a perm the other day. Munchkin and I stopped in to see her and share some deliciousness from the bistro next door to the salon. Mom had all kinds of tiny blue rollers in her hair and Munchkin says, "Nana, you have batteries in your hair!"
  • Being asked by my father to create a custom crocheted project. He's participating in a Community Theater production and needed a British Judge's wig. Seems he told the costume department he was pretty sure his daughter could crochet one. Seems he was right.
  • Munchkin singing Figaro. Here's an example of the song. Munchkin's version is MUCH cuter.
  • Modern Family. Love, LOVE, LOVE this show.
  • A truly fantastic tax refund.
  • Shopping at consignment shops and finding LOADS of things for both myself and the munchkin. It's so nice to be able to replenish the basics in my wardrobe thanks to the afore noted tax refund.
  • A certain little girl in her beautiful new glasses. Thanks to that special person that paid for them.
  • Lady Antebellum. I know they've been around for years now, but this is the first time I've heard them and I think they're fantastic. I never buy CDs anymore and I'll be buying this one.
  • The fact that I'm slowly becoming better at keeping my house clean. I'm getting more regular about cleaning things up and also beginning to tackle projects like my closet, sorting through the Munchkin's old clothes, the spare bedroom, and the dreaded lower level.
  • Just living my life and knowing that I'm finally in a position where I feel like the world isn't going to fall in on me.

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