Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bacterial Infection

There's a really good reason that I haven't posted yet this weekend. Friday night around 11 p.m. it all hit the fan at our house.

I was in bed reading my book and heard the munchkin crying. Of course, I hoped she would just go back to sleep. But after a little bit, I could tell that wasn't going to happen. So I went in to get her. She only has a night light in her room at night. When I grabbed her out of the crib I noticed a strange odor and her pajamas seemed to be wet.

Once I turned on the light, it was immediately apparent what we were dealing with. She had thrown up all over herself, all over the sheets, the blankets, and everything.

So I got her out of bed, gave her a bath to clean her off, set her down with the hubby, and went to work trying to sort out what needed to be done with the bedding.

Got that under control and was sitting in the chair with her so I could keep an eye on her throughout the night. Around midnight she threw up again. This continued all night.

At 7:45 I decided, even though the emergency room had said if it didn't clear up by mid-morning she should be seen, that we had had enough. I had done more laundry in the middle of the night than I do in any normal week during daylight hours.

Munchkin had her blood oxygen checked, blood taken, a pediatric urine collector applied, ears and throat checked, and pretty much everything else they can do to piss off a toddler.

In the midst of it all, munchkin kept asking for "Papa". So, we called my dad. Once she got to talk to Papa for a while, she seemed to do a little better.

In the end, the blood tests came back saying that her white count was elevated. She has a bacterial infection. They're suggesting that it could be a UTI, but we won't know anything until we can collect a specimen. I'm not even going to go into all the trouble we've had with the pediatric urine collectors!

Once we had picked up her prescriptions and some groceries, we came home. She slept for about 6 hours. I got around 4. Then, she proceeded to sleep for 12 hours last night. The poor little thing has been a real trooper through it all. It's obvious she doesn't feel well, but she's doing better now. She's playing more and beginning to laugh again. It's nice to see her smiling again.

Friday night was a long night. I can't remember the last time I was that tired. I'll be glad when she's better. I hate seeing her uncomfortable.

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