Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More is better...

Or is it just more?

It would seem that "things" are important to me.

One book is good. Oh, yes, but having boxes of them is better. Want a purple pen? Lovely idea. How about three or four...in different shades...and different types. Crazy socks. Sure. I have a whole drawer full. There are stripes, polka dots, fish, bicycles, cats, etc. I could go without washing socks for weeks on end. Yarn and fabric abound in my craft room. It is entirely possible that I have more than I'll ever be able to use.

So why do I insist on collecting things?

The answer from 4 or 5 years ago was that I was filling an empty space in my life. I don't have that empty space anymore. I'm working through the fabric and yarn and giving the results away to charity. At least someone will benefit from my past mistakes. And I'm weeding out pens and other office supplies of which I have way too many. I wear socks so many months of the year that there seems no sense in getting rid of them. And I won't get rid of my books. You can't make me. Besides, I do read them.

You can tame some habits, but some are impossible to get rid of. And truly, what better item to hoard than books?

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