Sunday, August 10, 2008

Much snoring tonight

A great weekend, if not a restful weekend.

Started out by heading to the local farmer's market with Mom. Bought the ever-important sweet corn from the wonderful local sweet corn growers. Unfortunately, they were out of Yukon Gold potatoes. I bought a bag from them last week and boiled and mashed them...much to the hubby's delight. I believe his words were...well, there were no words. He was too busy eating to say much of anything.

Did find some delicious taters at the grocery store. Cooked and mashed again. Received multiple accolades again. This time the words were, "You're really becoming a pro."

Along the way mom and I hit several garage sales. At the last one, we found the most wonderful thing. We found a complete set of what I call "Sound Box" books. They've been renamed, but they're still what I remember. These are the books that I learned to read on. I guess I went a little crazy. I bought the whole set. And I was thrilled about it. Big grin. Big, BIG grin. I'll post pictures when I get a chance.

Today was a trip to my nephew's baptism. The munchkin was wonderful. There were all kinds of kids there for her to play with. She was well-behaved and happy. I couldn't ask for more.

Stopped at Sonic on the way home. Had a very yummy strawberry limeade. All in all, I loved this weekend. But now, can I have a weekend to recover from my weekend? :)

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