Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Add it to your list

Apparently you shouldn't buy cold medicine while under the influence of other cold medicine. Thanks to the munchkin for sharing her cold with me. I'm now living in the medicated haze that only the "common" cold can produce. Really, I'm not doing so poorly, but I am losing my voice. (No comments from the peanut gallery on that one!) But I did try to buy some more Thera Flu and failed miserably. I've found that the sore throat stuff with the apple cinnamon flavor is slightly palatable.

However, this is what I inadvertantly bought.

And it tastes horrible. Oh well. There are only six packets. It won't last long. And seriously, take a look at the packaging. Not fair. Do they really think that those of us suffering from colds will even notice the difference?

I did buy some of this Yogi Tea. Haven't tried it yet, but that will be a treat for later tonight after the munchkin goes to bed. Me, tea, a book. I also want to try the Honey Lemon Throat Comfort and several of the mind teas. I love tea. It's so comforting. I really need to start drinking it more.

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cmb said...

I always take the lemon kind (at least, when I can take decent drugs that work worth a darn). The trick is to add honey. Lots of honey. Then it's not so bad.
And just be thankful you're not trying to fight that cold with only tea. It doesn't work!