Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PT Update

A friend just asked me recently how my physical therapy was going. This made me realize that I hadn't posted about it recently.

Things are going well. I've been working on my lower back and am hopeful that I'll be released from that portion of PT in the next couple of months.

However, I got bad news the other day. Since my neck has been acting up since the accident, my physical therapist decided we were going to have to start working on it.

*Cue scary music.*


I'm claustrophobic people. This sucks. They strap you in like you're going on a flight to the moon. I've been in it once. It was not a pretty sight.

Emily has suggested that next time I'm in it I should imagine her there playing with the wheels and saying "Argh, matey."

You know...that just might work.

1 comment:

Monroegirl said...

ok, is that a person in there, or a dummy? freaky! i would have to be in a lot of pain to get into this contraption...argh!