Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nothing exciting

Well, I guess saying that nothing is exciting is a good thing. You know, the whole "no news is good news" idea. Last night was pretty uneventful. Stopped and got lottery tickets and candy bars. Also got cash for lunch today. Then I picked up the munchkin. Went home, played with her, fed her (We ordered chicken and garlic bread from Pizza Ranch.), gave her a bath, and did assorted other evening things. I did go to bed at 9. I need to start getting up at 6 because I don't like the time I've been getting to work. Watched a couple of episodes of Designing Women and promptly fell asleep. Sometime around 1, munchkin woke up crying, hubby was snoring, and I was freezing. So I moved into the livingroom. Munchkin stopped crying, I warmed up and fell back to sleep. Did pretty well getting moving this morning. Got to work right when I wanted to, so life is good. Have a ton of work to do, so I should get to it. Lunch at Guad's today. MMMMMMMMMMM! I love it when people have birthdays! Oh, and having my rooibos tea for breakfast. Not sweet tea. Pomegranate. Yummy.

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