Sunday, March 16, 2008

What to talk about

It seems like there's a ton that's happened, but as soon as I start to talk about it, I'll be bored.

I've begun a new ripple afghan. It's for the munchkin and made with the yarn you see at the right. It's called plum pudding and it a mix of pink, light purple, and a darker purple. I'm using some purple from my stash that I think worked better than the purple Red Heart has out right now. It's progressing slowly because it's completely single crochet. I had to take a break from it this afternoon because it was making me crazy.

The hubby is sick...again. He's having a birthday on Wednesday. I'm not sure we'll even celebrate because he's been so sick. Ny-Quil is the order of the day. I'm beginning to think that I should have bought stock.

Our remote from Dish Network bit the dust Saturday afternoon. After a call to them and talking to a wonderful representative, we got remote 2 programmed to work for TV 1. And we know how to switch it back and forth until the new remote arrives. Kind of a pain, but when you're as addicted to TV as we are, you do it.

I've been reading a lot lately too. I finished Slaughterhouse Five for my book group. I'm reading a really cool book right now called By A Lady. It's built on the premise that a woman trying out for a part in a play about Jane Austen's life travels back in time and meets Jane Austen. So far it's been really interesting.

Physical therapy on Thursday was very rewarding. I've been moved to only two sessions a week and my upper body was in alignment. After doing a round of exercises, so was my lower body. Now, to keep them that way.

I've been using my iPod a lot. I use it at work and at home. I'm actually beginning to make some headway in the podcasts I listen to regularly. I'm catching up on back episodes. It makes me feel like I'm checking something off my list.

I guess that's it. More as I think of it. Hope you all have a great week!

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