Saturday, April 19, 2008

Feeling guilty

When all hell broke loose with the hubby, I just couldn't focus enough to continue working on the munchkin's afghan. Not that the pattern is difficult, but it does take a little bit of attention to what you're doing. So, instead, I grabbed a UFO, the DC navy and denim afghan. It's just simple, back and forth, DC. Now, I'm to the point where I'm so close to finishing it, that I just feel like I should finish it and mark it off the UFO list.

But then the guilts hit. Shouldn't I really be working on something for my daughter? She doesn't have anything that I've crocheted.

While I was working on the navy and denim afghan, my sister-in-law saw it. She said she really liked it. So, I think I'll give it to her, probably for my nephew, when it's done. Maybe I'll get around to posting a picture of it later.

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