Tuesday, December 2, 2008

6 months

I was talking with an old friend tonight. I mentioned that I was heading into a rough stretch for me. Here's what's up.

December 25th - Obviously Christmas
December 31st - New Year's Eve
January 21st - Our wedding anniversary
February 13th - Munchkin's birthday
February 14th - Valentine's Day
March 19th - Hubby's birthday
May 8th - the day we met
May 10th - My birthday

I get April off, but that's pretty much it. Once I hit mid-May, I'm golden until the anniversary of his death. But this stretch...this one is going to be really rough. So think of me. My counselor keeps telling me to take it one day at a time because if you think about too much, you'll get overwhelmed. Right now, I'm just trying to hold out for bedtime.


Jodi said...

Baby steps, just remember baby steps. They will be hard steps but make little ones you will manage. I know how hard it is right now but try and think about those dates as a way to celebrate all that he was and will always be to you and the munchkin.
love you!

Carrie said...

What a depressing friend you have. I sincerely hope you are able to find ways to enjoy the upcoming holidays and events, or at least be able to endure them with some dignity and hope for the future. I believe in you and in your strong ability to turn things around and rebuild. You deserve to reward yourself for every difficult day that you will face. Good luck-you are in our prayers.