Sunday, December 7, 2008


Suddenly, in the last two or three weeks, the munchkin has developed a real attitude. She's sassy, and I don't like it. Lord, help me. I've still got 11 more years before she hits her teens.

Earlier this week my parents were over at my house. Chloe absolutely loves her "Scooby Bones". They're simply graham crackers in the shape of dog bones. Anyway, my dad likes them too. When they were over he asked her if he could have one. She said, "NO!" And it wasn't a "Gosh, Papa, I'm so cute so I think I'll make my eyes twinkle and tell you no" kind of no. It was seriously naughty and sassy.

On its own, that would have been enough to earn her a punishment. However, she had to insult to injury by giving one to my mom without being asked. When mom asked if she could give hers to Papa, munchkin again said no in her sassy little voice. Then she gave me one and wouldn't let me give it to Papa.

So she earned a time out.

When she told me she was ready to give one to Papa, I let her come out. She still wouldn't give him one. She got to go back into time out three more times before she would give one to him.

*le sigh*

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Carrie said...

Chloe is hilarious! Your own built in comedienne. Age three is so sassy and ornery-good luck.