Saturday, January 5, 2008

Finishalongapalooza cataloging

I spent some time in my craft room tonight digging through things and pulling out what either needs to be frogged or finished. It really wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. Here's my count of what doesn't appear on my WIP list:

Double crochet afghan consisting of single-color squares approximately 5x5 to be edged in black. I need 108 squares. I have completed 77. None of them are edged.

Double crochet granny square afghan with the squares edged in black. 15 squares x 12 squares. 41 of them are completed and edged. Two rows of 15 are crocheted together.

Double crochet blue afghan. 5 ft x 4 ft. Currently 5 ft by 5 1/2 inches.

Single crochet potholder. At least 50% done. This one won't take long to finish.

1 hour of frogging and winding. Just a couple of poor, misguided crochet projects. These are never going to be finished, so they must be frogged.

Really, not too bad. It could have been a lot worse. My current big project is finishing my log cabin. Once that's done, I'm going to throw another project into the mix. After that, I begin trying to finish these buggers.

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Deb said...

Not bad at all! I'll have to go through mine sometime soonish now. Got sidetracked making a dress for my 3-year-old's doll this weekend. Which I need to go finish before it becomes one of the abandoned, lol...