Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yes, I am a feminist. In the sense that I believe women should get equal pay for equal work. No, I don't plan to vote for Hillary just because she's a woman. I wouldn't mind having a woman president, but only if she's qualified. (Just FYI, I have NO intention of voting for Hillary.)
When the hubby showed me this tonight, I couldn't help but groan.
Would anyone really like to argue that this picture just set women back a few years?

Undeniably Cat Cora is an incredibly attractive woman. And maybe she does dress this way when she goes shopping at her local convenience store. But I certainly wish she would have traded on her talent, wit, and intelligence rather than using her body. I am extremely disappointed.

I watch Iron Chef America religiously. This is not the Cat Cora I am acquainted with. This is some wonderbra version of her. Frankly, I liked it a lot better when she got attention from men for what she put on the table rather than getting attention for them wondering what she would do under the table.

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Deb said...

'K, true confessions time here...we are the last household in America with no cable television. In fact, I only know who Rachael Ray is because I caught an episode of one of her shows a few years ago when we were staying in a hotel, and then Dunkin' Donuts hired her to irritate the northeastern masses.


I pretty much agree with you, though. :D