Monday, February 25, 2008

New student

I haven't had the opportunity to post about my new student yet. Her name is Keely and she's wonderful. Not only do I have great faith that she'll turn out to be an EXCELLENT technical writer, but she fits with Julie and I extremely well.

She's funny without being inappropriate.

She shows proper reverence for the American Heritage Dictionary. (I've caught her drooling more than once and the day she first saw mine, she took it off the shelf and fondled it. She actually fondled it.)

She understands that the yucky work she's doing right now has a purpose.

She jumps right into tasks with gusto.

Basically, she's perfect for us. The hubby asked me if I planned to divorce him and marry her. It's not quite that serious, but I really do like having her around. I think I'll keep her.

1 comment:

Keely81 said...

You're just trying to get me to turn on the waterworks, aren't you? I hope you still feel this way, a couple months into it....:)