Thursday, February 28, 2008

One crazy day

Today got a little hairy.

I had decided last night to cancel my physical therapy appointment today. After all, I was JUST there yesterday afternoon. At 8 this morning I called and cancelled my appointment.

Around 9, Julie figured out that she didn't have one of the manuals that she needed to put in with the project she was working on. And it was a manual for one of my products. And the manual didn't exist. OK, scratch everything I was going to do today. We need to get this done. Right now someone is withholding a HUGE (read: upper 6 digits) payment from our company on the basis of their not having a manual.

So, on with the process. We figure out that this product uses a part we've never heard of before. We go in search of a picture of said part. We find the picture, but can't manipulate it the way we need to because of our recent conversion to a newer system used to house/generate the images.

I make a couple of phone calls. Some wonderful person makes the process happen for us.

Around 12:30 I finally get the image I need. I proceed to spend the next 2-3 hours deleting things from it. I know, it sounds crazy. But trust me, it really does take that long. And, yes, I do love my job.

By the end of the day, the manual is almost completely done. This is thanks in large part to some work we did a while ago to produce a template.

Maybe tomorrow I can get my normally scheduled work done.

Or maybe tomorrow will throw something entirely new at me.

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