Saturday, February 9, 2008


I was lucky enough to attend the Women In Learning and Leadership (WILL) luncheon Wednesday. The topic was "Not Your Grandmother's Time Management Techniques". We had a wonderful speaker and a wonderful lunch. I could wax poetic on how I feel that I took away some ideas that will make my life much better. While I did get some good tips, what I want to share with you is a bit unconventional.

As I was listening to the speaker, I began to hear music. First I thought I recognized the tune as the ringer on someone's cell phone. But very quickly I realized that there was no real "tune" at all. The more I listened, the more intrigued I became. This music was being created by 100 forks and knives on plates, one hundred glasses full of ice clinking and jangling.

Yep, I was hearing the music of 100 women eating.

And the effect was surprisingly beautiful.

I'm not sure that I'll ever hear this music again. After all, how often will I have the opportunity to sit in a room, silent except for one woman's voice, and hear that clatter and clink.

I took the time to stop and pay attention to it. And I've been trying to do the very same thing for the rest of the week. I heard music in the sound of my daughter laughing, my husband breathing in a deep sleep, and the silence in the moments before the alarm goes off in the morning.

Stop and listen. There's music everywhere.

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cmb said...

Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks!