Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family Thanksgiving

My family can never be conventional. We had our extended family Thanksgiving yesterday. Everyone (my parents, myself, the munchkin, my brother and sister-in-law and nephew, my grandfather, my aunt, uncle and their three kids) all met at my parent's house.

There was tons of food, as usual. I made a BLT dip that TOTALLY ROCKED! And there were all the usual delights.

My nephew was in rare form and he and the munchkin played and played and played. Made a scarf and sold it to my aunt. Easy way to make some quick cash. Also contracted with my cousin to make another one. Hoping she can drum up some business around campus for me.

The munchkin played with her cousin and had a great time. She showed everyone her "SURPRISE" face. She sucks in quickly, says, "What's that?" and everyone thinks it's the cutest thing. Of course, it is.

My grandfather, who turns 95 in December, was there. He spent most of the day napping, but I know he enjoyed getting out. We fed him well and even gave him so eggnog with rum in it. He liked that a lot.

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