Monday, November 12, 2007

I hate stupid people

Picture Burger King on a Sunday afternoon.

Now, I'll admit I made the first mistake by going through the drive through, but really, I didn't think it was this difficult. I ordered exactly this way:

"I'd like a triple Whopper with mayo, onion, lettuce, and tomato only."

When the order came up on the screen as a plain Whopper with the additions, I thought I was home free.

It was not to be.

When I pulled into a parking space and checked the sandwiches before leaving the parking lot, the triple Whopper had cheese on it. So I went inside and told them what was wrong.

"The triple Whopper always has cheese on it."

"Even when you enter it as plain plus only four other ingredients?"

"They always come with cheese."

"Well then that's not plain, is it?"

Am I crazy here or is plain supposed to mean nothing else on it?

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Heidi S. Meyer said...

They are LYING! Cause here's the lie. I ALWAYS order my Whopper with cheese. I order EVERYTHING with cheese, even my chicken sandwiches. Anyway...only about half the time does Burger King really give me "my way," the "way" I ordered it; WITH CHEESE! So there. They don't ALWAYS come with cheese. Ha!