Sunday, November 4, 2007

Finishing things

I've always been one to start things and then not necessarily finish them. So, once I finished the hubby's ripple, I started my log cabin. It's going fine, but I'm not really sure what I think of it yet. So I pulled out a project I had started years ago.

I'm working on an afghan this weekend from Ms. Vanna White (I know. I hear you groaning). It's from her Favorite Gift Afghans book. The pattern is called Welcome Neighbor and is deceptively simple. The pineapples appear more like strawberries to me and my crocheting group, but it's lovely none the less. I'm working with some older Red Heart Jewel Tones that I had stashed away from when it went on clearance. I got approximately 10 skeins (all the same dye lot) for 50 cents each.

It's cheerful, I just don't know who will be the lucky recipient. Maybe Project Linus.

Everyone at my house is napping. Or, at least they were. I think I just heard the munchkin. That's all for now.

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