Thursday, November 1, 2007


I've begun dreaming about yarn. Not just standard, Red Heart, acrylic yarn. But the good stuff. The cotton, the wool, the alpaca, eyelash, boucle, and everything in between. And I'm not talking daydreaming. Oh no. This is where it enters the nighttime world.

I work for a rather large company in my hometown. (OK, so we're a Fortune 500 company) I had a dream the other night that I was working out on the manufacturing floor. It involved large (read: 10ft x 10ft x 4ft) wooden crates with smaller boxes packed inside.

And guess what the packing material was. YARN! Wonderful mill ends of yarny goodness.

And the person in charge said, "Yeah, we just throw it away. So help yourself."

And all I could think was, OMG, this is thousands of dollars worth of supplies. How will I ever get it home? What will the hubby say. Who cares? IT'S ALL MINE! GET OUT OF MY WAY! DON'T YOU DARE MENTION THIS TO ANYONE ELSE!

And I've had other dreams about yarn too. I wake up covered in slobber. Life is good when you dream about yarn.

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Heidi S. Meyer said...

What do you eat before you go to bed in order to dream about yarn? (picture a confused, wrinkled up face on me here)