Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cheese? Cake? CHEESECAKE!

For three years I haven't made a cheesecake. Why such horrible self-imposed exile you might ask? Well, the hubby isn't much on cheese. He told me he doesn't like cheesecake. I can't eat a whole one by myself. So, I haven't made one. But, with my birthday being on Saturday and needing to take treats to work, I made this lovely.

Check out the recipe here.

I have made it multiple times before with wonderful success. How delicious. I can't wait to cut into this baby tomorrow.

Tonight, once I was spooning the batter into the pan, hubby asked me, "Where's the cheese?" I told him that it was in there. "You know, cream cheese."

"Cheesecake uses cream cheese and not cheese cheese?"

Seems up to this point that he'd been thinking cheesecake was made with actual cheese. Guess who now gets to expand her dessert making? *evil, delighted grin*

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