Monday, May 19, 2008

What fun

Here's my latest deconstructed sweater. Thanks again, Tara. The yarn is 60% nylon, 30% dehair angora rabbit hair, and 10 percent wool. That's right, more little rabbits. It's soft and snuggly.

To give those of you wondering about the process just a little idea of how it goes, here's what I've got.

First, a couple of snips, and pull. Here's what you get.

Then you can remove individual pieces with the same steps.

This sweater was a little different because once I actually unraveled each piece, I had to separate the yarn into two pieces. Two strands had been plied together (think two-ply toilet paper). So, I unraveled each section of the sweater, un-plied (is that a word?) the two strands, and then wound the individual strands into balls.

I ended up with 5 balls of lovely yarn. In the picture you can see the start of a single crochet scarf. I wanted to see what it would look like once it was worked up. I was also experimenting with hook size.

Guess I better add the scarf to the UFO list in the sidebar.


Four Dorks said...

I've been laughing all day about the term "stitch and bitch". I have a very vivid image in my head of what that must entail.

Two questions-what was wrong with the now unraveled sweater?
And I hope this isn't terribly insensitive, but did bunnies die for the cause?

mrswade said...

If you have the image I think you do, then you've got it correct! :) A lot of the time it's just talking and not so much "bitching". In polite company, we call it crochet and complain.

The only thing wrong with the now unraveled sweater was that it was no longer wanted and not my size. Blasted thing!

I don't know if bunnies died for the cause, but I've thought of that myself. I choose to think that they died of natural causes or that there's a way to shear them. Like sheep.

Four Dorks said...

Thanks for the clarifications! Who knew crocheting could be so fascination? I tried it once a few years ago and failed miserably.