Sunday, May 18, 2008


Can't quite remember how, but I ran across some tutorials telling me how to pull apart old sweaters for the yarn. Since I thought this was a grand idea for trying out making socks without investing the money in sock yarn, I was waiting for my opportunity.
The last time we had stitch and bitch, Tara told us that she had tons of clothes to give away. And boy did she! I didn't score much along the lines of clothes for me, but I did get three sweaters to attempt pulling apart. Want to give it a shot? Check here for some really great instructions. My first attempt (100 % acrylic) took me forever. Note to all others interested in trying this, don't attempt it for the first time with boucle or anything resembling it!

But, here you can see the fruits of my labors. I've included the VHS tape for size comparison. Seven balls of yarn. I'm anxious to try making socks. I've got a book, but I'll admit to being nervous. Not like I can't frog it if it doesn't work.

Now I'm working on another one that is 56% nylon, 40% angora, and 4% lambswool. That's right. Angora. As in bunny. As in approximately $20-25 for a 2.5 oz hank. To give you an idea, that's one piece, about half the length of a football field.

Thank you Tara! Can't wait to play around with this and make something luscious!

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