Saturday, May 31, 2008

More blue foods

I've blogged about this before. Take a look. I've said for many, many years that I don't eat blue foods that don't occur that color in nature. It's just not right. Friends and family have told me how strange I am. Now I have proof. This is from the April issue of Family Circle:

"Fast food chain logos are designed in red, orange and yellow for a reason. Those colors stimulate our nervous systems and cause us to salivate, making us feel hungrier, say experts. And shades of blue, at the other end of the spectrum, may have the opposite effect. How come? 'There are very few foods that are naturally blue, and the color can signify mold, spoilage and toxins,' explains Carol Pfeffer, a professor of color theory at Purchase College in Purchase, New York. 'Blue may suppress the appetite by triggering an instinctive defense mechanism in the body.' In other words, it could be nature's way of protecting us from ingesting potentially poisonous foods. To ease hunger pangs, consider buying blue dinner plates, glassware, napkins, place mats and tablecloths for your kitchen."

See! I told you guys!

Go here for concrete images that show what I mean!

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Monroegirl said...

LOL! Thanks for giving me a belly laugh, Shannon! You are SO MUCH your father's's amazing! I know I'll be thinking of this from now on when I see blue food!