Sunday, October 28, 2007

I did it

The hair is gone. I had my first shot at learning to style it this morning. I have to say, I didn't do very well. I hope to try again tonight before I go to bed. And I also plan to get up early so that I have plenty of time to make myself presentable before heading to work. I just really hope that I can make it look decent. But the way the stylist styled it, I loved it. So maybe I need more mousse or something. Basically, I'm hair and makeup challenged!

In other news, the munchkin and I will be heading to a Halloween party on Tuesday night. We're going as a pizza. I painted it this afternoon. I'll cut a slice out of it and munchkin will wear it. I'll wear the rest. Should be a good time. There's a bunch of other people from work going to be there and some of them are bringing their kids. So the munchkin should have a good time too. We won't be there long. It doesn't start until 7 and the munchkin needs to be in bed by 8.

I am working furiously on the hubby's afghan. It needs at least another foot to be finished. Possibly two. But I keep working on it.

Tomorrow Teri comes back. And boy am I glad! I've missed her a lot and it will be good to have my normal tech writer life back.

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