Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm in love

I have two new loves in my life. Hibachi House, and Hershey's not-so-new-anymore, wonderfully delicious Cacao Reserve.

Last night the munchkin and I ventured to the grocery store in search of something quick and easy to have for dinner. I have been eyeing these Hibachi House meals ( for quite some time, but haven't ventured to try one. "They couldn't be that good or have very much food," I kept telling myself. Wrong. On both counts. TONS of food, and was it ever delicious. I had the Polynesian Chicken, but I can't wait to try the other varieties.

For dessert I picked up a Hershey's Cacao Reserve Bar. Premium Milk Chocolate. 35% Cacao. This, I theorized, would also not be worth my money, but as I've been eyeing them as well, I gave it a shot. Worth every penny of the 99 cents that I paid for 4 smallish squares of this delight. Smooth consistency, delightful chocolate flavor, rich, delicious, and oh so wonderfully melty.

I will buy both of these again. Spend your money people. Totally worth it!

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