Monday, October 15, 2007

People drive stupidly

What is it about rain that makes people drive like idiots. I always thought you were supposed to drive for the conditions. Of course, with these people, it's a constant condition of stupidity. So I guess I can understand why they drive like morons.

Someone cut right out in front of me without even looking. Part of me wanted to flash my lights at them while flipping them off and honking my horn. Then I quickly realized that, not only did I not have enough hands to complete all those actions simultaneously, but that would probably decrease my driving skill. So I just sat there and continued to drive. One of these days I'm going to do something really outrageous like follow them until they stop and then give them a piece of my mind. Of course, my luck, it would be like the girl my dad talked to. "Where in the hell did you get your driver's license?" "In a little brick building right over there." Yep, that kind of stupidity I don't need!

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