Sunday, October 7, 2007

Somebody stop me because I believe I was productive today!

Yep, cleaned the house, took care of the munchkin, cooked meals, read some for work and even some for pleasure, crocheted, even...are you ready for this one...organized my craft room.

It is entirely possible that my husband and my mother are the only ones who will understand the enormity of this undertaking. Dawn, if you are by chance reading this, you might as well. I worked for a good three hours and was still not done. I even vacuumed the floor. And there's floor space. Who knew that the carpet in that room was a lovely cream color?

There's still stuff in the room that doesn't belong there because it's not craft related. But that amount is gradually being reduced. I moved the sewing machine to a new location. And I'm thinking of moving my glider rocker and matching footstool down there. This shall become my space. My safe haven. Do not enter under penalty of being stabbed with the sharpest crafting implement I can find. I need a source of music (slobber, slobber, iPod), a lovely lamp (which I think I can steal from the living room), and plenty of time to kick back and enjoy all the lovely crafts that will occur. Or maybe I'll just hide away and read a book for a while. Wow, to be uninterrupted. I don't know what I'll do with myself.
In other news, the munchkin went to bed early as did the hubby. I am currently by myself in the living room. This is not totally unusual, but let's examine the situation.

1- It's after dark and I'm the only one awake.
2- It's after dark and I'm still awake.
3- I can read, watch TV, crochet, blog, or surf, as I wish, with no one bothering me.

Ah. Life is good. Now, if I just didn't work for a company that seemingly doesn't believe in Monday holidays. Another whole day to enjoy my clean house and crochet. Hmm. Finish the secret project. Which, by the way, is lovely and coming along nicely. Can't wait to finish it this week!

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