Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blue foods

Anyone that knows me reasonably well knows that I don't eat blue foods that don't occur that color in nature. I know. It's silly. But think about it. How many foods are really blue in nature? I come up with three. Blueberries, blue corn, and blue potatoes.

My neurosis was affirmed while watching Sesame Street with the munchkin. The whole episode was about healthy foods and eating. There was a cartoon of a little kid singing about how he eats the colors of the rainbow. Here are the lyrics:

I eat the colors of the rainbow... Veggies and fruit that help me grow of my favorite foods are:

Apples, cherries, strawberries and tomato of my favorite foods are:

Carrots, oranges, peach and sweet potato
Yellow...yellow corn and lemon Pineapple and banana... spinach and broccoli Lettuce, peas, and kiwi... only food I eat that's blue is Blueberries!
I eat the colors of the rainbow...
"Hey! What about us?"
Purple. eggplant, plums and grapes...
So every day--I eat the colors of the rainbow...

You can hear the song if you go to that site. So I'm ahead of the game. I eat three blue foods and this kid only eats one!

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