Sunday, September 9, 2007


I have decided to go back to school. With the hubby's and munchkin's support, I will be getting my Master's in Language and Rhetoric through SDSU.

I did my research and the place I work will pay for 100% of my tuition and fees provided I can get an A or a B in the classes. I'm sure that I can accomplish that. I'll be taking six credits a semester, starting in the Spring Semester.

What prompted all this? I got to thinking about it the other morning and decided that of all the classes I had taken in college, one that I had taken with John Taylor was one of the few that I would like to go back and take again. I found out that he was offering it as an evening class. Everything just seemed to fall together. Now it's just a matter of getting admitted to the program and making it all work financially. I don't see either of these as real stumbling blocks. I am so excited. The hubby is very proud of me. My family is so supportive.

I'll have to write a thesis at the end of it. I'll admit, that does scare me. But I have some time to think about it and get my ducks in a row. I can't imagine that this will be anything but good for me.

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