Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Organized munchkin

My child is obsessed with my planner. Last night I brought it home with me from work. It's a beast. It's 8x10 and probably 2 inches thick. But she insisted on carrying it out of daycare. She got very upset when I took it from her to put her in the carseat. At one point, on the drive home, I had to slow down in a shorter amount of space than I would have liked. This caused the planner to slide down onto her ankles. It was heavy enough that she almost couldn't hold on to it. There was this whine from the backseat until I scootched it up for her. And the crying that happened when I took it away from her just long enough to get her out of the carseat...you'd have thought I was abusing her.

When we got home, she handed it to the hubby when he took her from me. And she wouldn't be parted from it. The hubby had to hold it in his lap while he sat with her and she had her cookies and juice. This morning, I left it in the house by mistake. The hubby brought it down to me in the garage. When she saw him come with it, and then me put it in the front seat, pouts ensued. She pouted and whined half way to daycare! I dread the day she figures out the zipper!

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