Sunday, September 30, 2007

I love that noise

Ah. Today is one of those late summer days that holds grey skies and soft noises of rain. There's also the occasional rumble of thunder. Life is good when the weather is like this. This is absolutely, no doubt, my favorite type of weather. It's the kind of day that begs for either a good book or a crochet hook and a good project. And Lord knows I have so many good projects in the works!

I'm both reading and crocheting in intervals. There's the weekend housework interspersed. Of course, I don't attack the housework with equal gusto, but it must be done. So far I've cleaned toilets, done some laundry, and vacuumed. The next plan is scrubbing kitchen and bathroom floors. I've got pandora playing in the background. Should at least keep me mentally occupied.

It's really pouring out there right now. Would it be really naughty if I just cut the whole "housework" idea and went for the chair and the book?

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