Thursday, August 2, 2007


I was asked by the hubby to make stew this week. No biggie. Brown some meat, throw some veggies in the crock pot. Leave it to cook all day and you've got a fragrant, delicious meal. But the fun of stew was yet to come for us.

First of all, the munchkin LOVED it. Every time she would sign "more" I would feed her another bite. I felt good about giving her this kind of food. All the veggies, you can't go wrong. And every time I would give her a bite I said, "STEW!" Pretty soon, she was repeating "STEW". She looks so proud of herself when she does it too! It's the most adorable thing. I find her repeating more and more things.

For example, we were riding home from daycare yesterday, listening to Laurie Berkner. We were listening to the Buzz Buzz song. After all of the buzz buzzes, this sound came from the back seat. It was her trying to imitate the word buzz. Too cute. Now we really have to be careful what we say!

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