Saturday, August 11, 2007

When I was a child

I don't have any idea why it popped into my head today, but I got to thinking about it. I did a quick search and found out that the show was called Once Upon A Time. The whole premise was that a librarian was being held hostage and forced to read stories to a witch. As I think back on it, I seem to remember a very jerky opening montage featuring the librarian, Marian, running away from the witch. The show was a hoot because there was this machine that Marian would feed elements of the story into and produce a book. I always wished I had that machine. Then I could have a story about whatever I wanted. Yep, it turns out that me being a word nerd goes way back to when I was little. Here's the theme song as one person remembers it.

Once upon a time a witch loved stories galore
And greedy as she was she wanted more and more
The witch saw that the librarian had stories of all kinds
She said, "I'll capture you...all your stories will be mine!"
Then took place a curious chase through meadow, tree, and flower
Until at last they ended up right at the witch's tower
Now poor Marian the Librarian
A prisoner she'll stay
Until the witch is happy
And lets Marian go away

Ah. Fond memories of sitting on the floor in my teacher's classroom watching that show.

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