Monday, August 20, 2007

Petrified Cheerios and other accessories

Mothers of toddlers will relate to this post. I find Cheerios in the strangest of places. Tonight I came across one in the crease where the arm of the chair meets the end table. Looked like it might have been there a while, but I can't be sure. I'm not sure if this location is more of an indictment of my housekeeping skills or an accolade to my daughter's enterprising hide and seek skills. I get this image of her hiding Cheerios and wondering if mommy will ever find them.

Yes, I have found them in many wonderful places. The obvious ones are the car, the floor (all over the house - even in rooms where she isn't allowed), the bottom of the diaper bag, and my purse. But, I have found one in my bra when undressing for the day. I think I must have been really tired that day not to notice that little circle of starch being melded in there.

I am convinced that someday, when our civilization is long gone, archeologists will come along and find bunches and bunches of Cheerios. I wonder what their explanation will be.

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