Saturday, August 11, 2007

My girl is smart!

I know, I know. I'm just like all the other mothers out there. My child is brilliant, beautiful, and charming. But would you really consider me to be worth my salt as a mother if I didn't say that?

The point of all this is the fact that she continues to blow me away every day with the stuff that she learns. I can't believe what she is able to pick up on.

I'm sure I've mentioned that her favorite word is ball. She recognizes them in real life, on TV, and in books. But she really threw me for a loop the other day.

I was just hanging out and playing with her. I was wearing a T-shirt I have that is very comfy. So we're playing, and all of a sudden, she reaches out and pats the front of my shirt and says, "Ball." At first I was very confused and wondered what exactly she thought was a ball. Turns out, my shirt had a picture of a soccer ball on the front. Go figure. My child knew that it was a ball and correctly identified it. I was amazed. She learns so much every day. I'm in big trouble with this one. She's going to be so smart.

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