Monday, August 20, 2007

Busy day

Full day at work. I sort of feel like a train wreck. I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick and I'm just fighting it as hard as I can to keep on my feet.

The kitchen smells amazing right now. I'm cooking onions, garlic, and mushrooms for spaghetti. Later on I will add stewed tomatoes and sauce along with ground beef. The munchkin is busy walking around the house terrorizing everything she can get her hands on. She likes being in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking. This is a mixed blessing as she is wonderful company, but also likes to pull my shorts off and is directly in the line of fire should I drop something.

Found out today that we will be hiring the person I recruited for our department. This is very good news. If she works out, it's a real feather in my cap because I'll have found her, recruited her, hired her, and trained her. Plus, it means there's help on the way. Even if I can only push crap jobs onto her for the first few weeks, that leaves me more time to get to the really difficult stuff.

Had my Cookie Lee party yesterday. Got a whole bunch of orders today at work. Turns out that people want the stuff, they just weren't able to make it to the party. So that's nice. Should turn into a nice amount of free jewelry for me. I was wishing I had some bookings come off my party because that means $25 worth of free jewelry at their shows. Having Amy and Anja here was so nice. I was almost glad that not very many people made it because it really gave me a good opportunity to catch up with them. And the house is nice and clean now. I got some things done that really needed to be done.

I have to work tonight. I'm taking off early tomorrow and Wednesday for doctor's appointments, so I have to make up the hours somehow or take PTO. I want to keep all my PTO for a rainy day, so work at night it is.

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