Saturday, August 4, 2007

Morning Rituals

The cutest thing happened yesterday morning. As usual, the munchkin was sitting with the hubby on the arm of his chair watching Sesame Street or some such show before we left for work/daycare. As always, I got myself ready to go and went to pick her up so we could leave. I asked if she wanted to go see Sherrie. She shook her head no. I said that she had to go. Hubby handed her to me and we leaned over to give him our kisses. As we were pulling away, she squealed in displeasure, threw herself forward towards hubby, and managed to pull herself out of my arms by grabbing his shirt. She would not sit still until she was once again situated on the arm of the chair with his arm around her. It was the cutest thing. We both loved it. It was just too bad that I actually had to take her away. Luckily, she was willing to go the second time around.

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