Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mom being "wild"

There's been a lot of talk on my blog lately about rain. As long as I can remember, I've always loved the rain. After my last entry about it, my mom commented that she remembered me dancing in the rain. A couple of days after that we had another storm roll through late at night. Here's what my mom had to say the next day:

I was reading in bed last night when the thunder began in the distance.When it got closer and pretty loud, I felt compelled to get out of bed and was "wild" enough to go out onto the front porch in my nightgown to watch and see; listen and smell to the storm. My new porch is great for such an activity. I could sit in my sort-of-rocking chair with my feet up and just enjoy the evening. The humidity was pretty much absent. The rest of the neighborhood was quiet. A few houses had a light or two but it was after 11PM. It was wonderful to sit there and feel like nobody could see me (which didn't really matter) but invisible is pretty cool! I sat and watched and listened, counted after the lightening while waiting for the thunder. (For some reason that seems backwards to me, but I got it right last night.) Here's a new one for your memory book - when I came back to bed, your dad was still asleep but sort of came to enough to ask if anything was the matter. I told him I'd been out listening and he said "oh, thunder, I love thunder, I wish I'd been there. Zzzzzzz" Normally, I'm the one who doesn't make lots of sense, but he was really getting some good sleep.

What a great description. It was too good to pass up posting it here. I imagine myself doing the same thing, years from now. Thanks for the wonderful images, Mom.

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