Friday, August 24, 2007

Well Wahoo!

I'm famous. In my book at least. I've garnered a mention on someone else's blog! Christianne, you rock. Who knew we had this much in common. And you're going to join the book group. That rocks.

Well, my morning sucks. Homicide is illegal. I know this. But after what I went through with a co-worker this morning, I think it might just be justifiable. But I'll leave that story. Anyone who wants to know can ask me. The afternoon was pretty tame. Free ice cream for those of us who are presenters for Corporate Training. MMMM. SDSU ice cream. You can't beat it.

Munchkin is chilling on the floor watching Sesame Street. She's so funny. She'll say hello and bye bye to anyone on TV. It's like they're personal friends. And don't ask me why, but hubby decided to watch bull riding with her the other day. She asked what that was on the screen. (no, I can't type it because it's unintelligable to anyone who doesn't spend plenty of time with her) and hubby told her it was a cow. From then on, anytime one came on the screen, she would point and say "tow". That's pronounced like "ow". The concept of "c" is a bit beyond her yet.

And God bless my mom. She taught munchkin to hold her hands above her head and say "TA DA!" Except it only has one syllable. "DA!" too cute!

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