Sunday, August 12, 2007


In my previous post I mentioned the possibility of getting a nap. Boy did we! The munchkin is teething big time and is crabby because of it. We had an early lunch around 11 and then I put her down for her nap. As usual, she went down beautifully. Then the hubby and I laid down as well. I had set an alarm for 3 as we are going to my parent's house for dinner tonight. I wanted to make sure that we all had plenty of time to get ready. I never thought I'd actually need the alarm.

Yes, that's right. The munchkin took a four hour nap. Can you believe that? That means mom and dad got 3 hours of uninterrupted afternoon quality napping time! I'm in 7th heaven!

We'll be leaving in about an hour for Nana and Papa's. Mom was teasing the hubby last night about the possible menu. "Berry pie, cheesy taters, fried bananas, and grilled cheese sandwiches." Hubby claims that everything my family cooks includes cheese. Plus, he doesn't like berries or bananas. I think the menu sounds pretty good. I don't know what we're really having, but I love that I'm not cooking!

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