Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All you single parents are amazing!

So, as I said yesterday, the hubby is officially sick. So I got to play single mom last night. I'm telling you, it's no fun. Well, playing with the munchkin is, but being the sole provider, even just while the other is sick...that's no fun. Thankfully, I have this amazing child. She had Cheerios and juice for a snack, then played. After a while she had meat sticks and peas for dinner. I was able to get caught up on episodes of Designing Women and laundry while she ate and played. She's very self-sufficient. I even got her nails trimmed. She went to bed without a problem.

No, I did not get any reading done. I planned to. I had really good intentions. But it didn't happen. Between catching up on TV and laundry, I just didn't pick up the book. I did get some crocheting done. Lots actually. I'm in the midst of two afghans. One is black, white, and grey zig zags for the hubby. The other one is an attempt to use up some yarn that I have. I'm on a personal mission to use up some of the yarn and fabric that I have before I buy any more. Now, this does not count when it comes to making things for family. But then I only buy specifically what I need. Nothing else. This afghan uses Bernat Denim Style Yarn with a coordinating Navy Blue. I'm not doing anything fancy, just back and forth rows. I would say I finished about 8 inches last night. This may be one for Project Linus or it may be for a gift. I haven't decided yet. I worked on this one last night because the one for the hubby was shut up in the bedroom where he was sleeping.
Heard on the radio this morning that there's a new survey out saying that most parents no longer sing their children nursery rhymes. Here's an article on it.
I'll admit to singing random things such as The Facts of Life and Gilligan's Island theme songs to the munchkin. Frankly, you sing what you remember. And why do you think we remember those things? Because they're set to music and we're all addicted to TV. I remember all the nursery rhymes too, but frankly, they're kind of creepy. Who wants to go to sleep dreaming of falling from a tree and mice without tails!

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