Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tugging at hair

Yeah, I'm not really ripping it out. Just tugging a bit. I've been working on this system overview for what seems like forever. Just turned that in for proofing today. So that's out of my hair. Now I go back to this other project, something else that's causing me fits. But, turns out that a cube mate will be done (hopefully) updating the template by tomorrow, so that I can work from that. Seems that her work may solve my problems. Basically, the document freaks out whenever I try to fix these stupid footers. Footers are my nemesis.

And I might be going on a super-secret spy mission tonight. Might walk over to my cousin's place with my mom. Her sister is here visiting. We're supposed to make sure that they're behaving. I'm such a buzz kill!

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