Monday, July 23, 2007

One of those days

Things did not start out well. And I'm telling you, this kind of stuff only happens to me!

I had to take munchkin to my cousin's house today as daycare is closed through Wednesday. So we're getting moving and I throw my keys in the front seat because I have all kinds of other crap in my hands. Then I couldn't find them. They disappeared. I ended up having to use the hubby's extra set.

Cousin was not at her house when I got there. Turns out she hadn't slept at home. Fine by me, just be there when I asked you to be so I'm not late for work.

On the way to work I found the keys. Somehow they had landed in the pocket of the driver's side door. Yep, the only place I didn't look.

Work was crazy hectic as I'm trying to prepare for my boss to go on maternity leave. Then, there's this guy requesting a system overview for 9 days after it's requested. WE NEED 4-6 WEEKS. So he emails my boss to tell her that he hasn't heard anything from me (load of crapola as I emailed him multiple times last week). She's on my side. We're working to get it done, but it's hard for me. I'm not very good at them. I'm hopeful that I'll get some help. Actually, I know I will.

Tonight is about getting some laundry done, cleaning the kitchen, reading my book and resting. I've got this headache I can't shake. I don't know what my issue is. Probably just over-tired.

I'm having sweet corn for dinner, but what I'm really craving is a Pizza Hut P'zone. But I shouldn't. I don't need that kind of fat. Sweet corn is good for you. At least that's what I'm telling myself tonight while I indulge! :)

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