Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My annoyance of the day

While I was gone on vacation, my cube mates decided to have a little fun with my stuff. Things got moved, other things were hidden, and then comes the major annoyance. Granted, this is a really good prank, I'm just not very fond of it this morning.

I use Kleenex brand tissues. You know, the kind that are folded together in the box so the new one pops up when you pull the current one out. Anyway, they put a whole bunch of paper punch dots in the box and shook it all around. So now, whenever I pull out a kleenex, little dots rain all over my desk. Up until now, I've seen the humor in it. However, after dealing with two days of my student not having what he needs, when it was promised to me, I'm getting a little annoyed with the whole world.
I brought my book with me to work. Maybe I'll just sit and read BY MYSELF over lunch. That would be lovely.

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