Monday, July 9, 2007

Quickly, before work overtakes me!

OK, so the rundown of my trip...

Life is good. The trip was excellent. We got to spend time with old friends, which was wonderful. Munchkin had a great time. Hubby had an even better time. However, here I am, back at work. Hubby is officially sick. Had not yet gotten out of bed when I left for work. Child is officially spoiled. She cried when I dropped her at daycare. I'm quite certain that some cheerios will have solved that problem. Trying to get hubby to go to doctor, but I'm pretty sure that won't work. You all know what it's like.

I finished Slave (see previous posts) in the car on my way to Illinois. God bless Sea Bands. Without them I would not have been able to read in the car at all. And the way things are right now...I needed to get some reading done. Had reading to do for work book group and also for personal book group. Finished my book for work yesterday. So that's out of the way. Got a good start on Possession for our personal book group. I'm over 100 pages into it and I'm really enjoying it. Mom tried reading it and couldn't get into it. It's too bad really, it's lovely.

I have mounds of laundry to attack tonight. But first, I have to stop at the store and stock up on enough groceries to get us going for the week and also pick up some fabric softener and bleach.

Right now, my tea is brewing. Celestial Seasonings Moroccan Pomegranate Red Rooibos Tea. Delicious. Here's a description:

In the heart of any ancient Moroccan bazaar, the traditional pleasures of pomegranates include enjoying the glittering garnet-colored seeds or sipping the chilled sweet-tart juice. Our Moroccan Pomegranate Red Tea joins the flavor of this scarlet fruit with the tangy red of hibiscus flowers and mellow maroon of rooibos tea for an exotic crimson tea to serve hot or iced. Caffeine free and antioxidant-rich, this lively tea will color your daydreams a lovely Moroccan rose.

Other than that, things are pretty much the norm around here. I've got a deadline, so I better get to it. Glad to be back to the routine of work here at work.

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