Friday, July 20, 2007

And he thinks I lack foresight?

I have been giggling this morning. I am often accused by the hubby as lacking the ability to think ahead and prevent our daughter from doing/accessing dangerous things. For your consideration, I present three examples of silly things he's done.

1- Calling cough medicine juice. I have this image of my child asking if she can have juice. We tell her, "Sure. Go ahead. You know where it's at." And instead of getting her sippy cup out of the fridge, she goes into the cabinet and grabs the cough syrup.

2- Teaching her to associate the word "blech" with her toothpaste. We have just begun brushing her teeth. I know, we're behind. My fault. But regardless, the first day she really did not like what was happening. She spit and made all sorts of faces. Hubby said, "Blech." Seriously, not the word I want her to associate with brushing her teeth.

3- Velcro. Granted, there are no real safety hazards here. Shoes are meant to stay on feet though. And the first thing he teaches her is to negotiate the velcro. Now, the first thing she does when you put her shoes on is try to take them off.

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