Sunday, July 15, 2007

Relaxing a bit

It's been a good weekend. I've gotten a lot accomplished. I haven't finished any of the projects I've started, but I will finish at least one tonight. I'm working on bookmarks for our work book group. They're kind of a pain in the butt this time around. But, I keep plugging away.

I'm also still reading Possession. It's slow going because I have to start and stop a lot. Plus, I'm up against the wall timewise. I hate that feeling. I resolve to do better next month.

I've done a lot of house cleaning this weekend. Vacuuming is done. Dishes are a wreck, but I'm not ready to tackle that one yet. Laundry is going. Bathrooms need to be cleaned...yuck! Munchkin and hubby are napping. I should really be reading as this is uninterrupted time.

The whole family went to Hagman's brunch buffet this morning. It was delicious. As usual, I ate too much. Tim and Tiffany really enjoyed it.

Other than that, the highlight of the weekend was when hubby won $35 playing the lottery. Big bucks I'm telling you! But it does pay for us to play for a few more weeks. I guess if he enjoys it, that's all that really matters. OK, onward and upward!

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